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Dec 5, 2018 Comment

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The 2020 / 2021 Wedding Flower Trends.

While the start of 2020 has brought constant anxiety and depression to humanity across the world, beautiful weddings are still yet to come. The 2020 wedding flower trends shall prevail when the wedding season finally opens. If you were meant to get married in 2020 and COVID 19 vandalized the plans, This is your time to shine, We have prepared a great flower inspiration to keep the wedding dreams alive.

Check out our 2020 /21 wedding flower trends that will keep you wanting below.

Protea flowers

Warm greetings to the flowers making a statement. We are predicting that the proteas will be one of the 2020 / 2021 Wedding flower trends, whether you are planning a traditional South African wedding or something more modern. These beautiful flowers symbolize our national pride and can work with any theme including the green and white which makes it easy to incorporate in any wedding style and color. If you already love South Africa’s national heritage, don’t be surprised if you found that the proteas will take the wedding industry by storm and becoming more popular in flower arrangements over the coming years.

Wedding Flower

Simple Roses.

Another wedding flower trend for 2020/ 2021 that doesn’t look much like anything is the roses. Let’s explain: Instead of having a large floral arrangement you can have a rose bouquet and fill up the whole wedding venue with rose petals. Think of all the colorful roses displayed everywhere at your wedding arranged by color, to make your wedding venue look like a dream come true. you can even have a Temporary rose garden set up as a backdrop at the reception area.

Simple Roses.

Bleached greenery

If your desire is to have bleached green flowers instead of the summer green, we are here to convince you to have a mix of both greens to make your colors stand out., Bare in mind that the wedding flower trends are made possible by you and the wedding florists. The bleached green is already on top of the list of the trending wedding flowers for all themes. The end result will be an amazing combination that will make all your wedding photos stunning

Bleached greenery

Mixed wedding flowers.

Your wedding flower choice will make a significant statement on your wedding day, You can transform the wedding flower arrangement into an amazing work of art which will make the appearance on the top wedding flower trends. The Finished product is always attention-grabbing like the ones you’d normally see at the wedding expos. If you really want to surprise your wedding guests. Hire the best wedding decor professional in town and make sure your wedding cake matches your wedding theme.

Mixed wedding flowers.

Turn your wedding flowers into jewelry.

Why worry about the layout if you can wear your flowers instead. Okay, The wedding bouquets are traditional and you will not want to replace them but have you seen the 2020 wedding flower trends, “I bet you haven’t’, Brides now make use of floral jewelry, This might sound odd but yeah, you can make your wedding necklace from flowers, The wedding bracelets for the bridal party will do in floral form too. This is a special alternative or an addition to the traditional wedding bouquet. Its also a wedding trend that is taking your fashion levels forward. If you start the trend and your guests see it it might go viral like anything else.

flowers into jewelry.

Credits: 1 – 2. Amanda Dumouchelle / 3. Amy Osaba (photo by Ali Harper Photography) / 4. Holly Viles Design (photo by Ben Q Photography) / 5. Lizy’s Lilies (photo by D’Arcy Benincosa) / 6. Lizy’s Lilies (photo by D’Arcy Benincosa) / 7. Love by Serena / 8. Green Dahlia Florist

Color Blocking flowers.

If you want one hell of attention forget the basic flowers and go all the way out and get the extra colorful mixed flowers. Let your guests call them color blocking while you making the 2020 wedding flower trends yours. It gives you the Million-dollar look, use wedding flowers that will get your guests talking and snapping the photographs, like the blue shades of pink, and greenery toping attached to a protea flower.

Color Blocking flowers.

Dried Flowers.

Dried wedding flowers is another best idea to have something different., More vintage and also included in the 2020 wedding flower trends. Dried flowers are gaining more and more exposure to vintage weddings or mostly traditional weddings in South Africa. Dried lavender is to die for, you can never have a vintage wedding in South Africa without it. Another way to make the list to this trend is by asking your friends to bring flowers of their choice and have a wedding floral fountain after the ceremony. It photographs well too, in addition, you might have many options for flowers to choose from and to take away at the end of your big day.

Dried wedding flowers

Think outside the box

As we shift our focus towards thinking about the greatest flowers or making it to the 2020 / 2021 wedding flower trends, let us not forget the importance of wedding photography. By having the world’s best flowers, you are making a great opportunity for your wedding photographer to capture extremely beautiful wedding photos. At the end of the day, you will end up with amazing wedding decor, the world’s biggest bouquet, and instead of getting gifts for your wedding guests, they might as well have the greatest wedding flower exchange that will keep them talking about your big day. Try it, it’s that easy. 

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