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Stressing about your wedding budget should now be a problem of the past. Plan and track your wedding spending in real time.

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No room for wedding budget stress

Create no room for wedding budget stress by using our free budget planner and tracker, Never worry about going over your budget again. Plan , Spend and track easily.

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All you need to do is enter your wedding budget and leave the rest us. Our automated budget calculator will make sure you never over spend.

Never overspend

Manage all your vendor payments and track your expenditure on the go.Our wedding budget tool is there to help you save money and spend more on yourself after the wedding.

Numbers don't lie.

Keep monitoring your costs, have a clear view on what you need or what you want. Plan your wedding budget based on the things you need the most

Customize your budget

Create and customize new categories that match you wedding needs and adjust your budget according to you affordability.Track your expenditure as you plan.

“The wedding vendor budget tool helped me stay afloat my expenses. I knew what i spent the money on and i knew how much i had remaining.Its easy to use and above all its free.”

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  • How to get started

    The wedding budget tool helps you release the spending anxiety. Organize your wedding spending, It is always best to start your wedding planning and budget early. Deciding to distribute your budget and spend is not that difficult anymore. Our budget tool is only a click away. You can only find this free budget tracker on the wedding vendor. We have designed a template that will help make planning your wedding budget seamless.

  • We will do the Calculations for you.

    We will distribute your budget based on what you can afford. Your total planning budget is key to help us help you. However, you can customize your expenditure too. Setting your budget can be time-consuming but once you get it done everything will flow. Having a set wedding budget makes it easier to book your wedding vendors, It also helps you save money for your honeymoon.

  • Track your expenses

    Once you’ve decided on the budget, you’ll need to keep track of your wedding expenses and wedding payments. We make it simple to add your Once your budget is set, you will keep track of all wedding expenses and wedding payments. Adding your own categories is already made easier for you. Line up everything according to your wedding budget. Even when you need an extra Photographer, photo booth, or even extra wedding flowers, all you need to do is add it to the planning budget. Forgetting wedding payment deadlines is very easy with a lot happening. You can also match your budget with your wedding checklist or to-do list to lower your stress levels and see the accomplishment.

  • The Planning Process

    For a healthier and smoother wedding planning process you will need to start with your budget, followed by sourcing the wedding vendors create a to-do list and wedding checklist to help you stay afloat. Having your wedding budget as the starting point will help you to prioritize, add, or remove some wedding services you feel are not necessary. Start with the most important and lastly you can spend on the least important necessities like guest entertainment and extra limo for your friends.