TC Productions

197 Smit Street, Fairland 2190 Johannesburg South Africa

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It is important that you know more about us if you decide to book us. having to look for capable and professional photographer has become a very hard job these days. Not because photographer don’t know how to do their work anymore but because it is hard to find someone who is willing to provide you with the exact services you have been looking for. Along with that, the elements of quality services, respectable attitude and timely delivery are concepts that have become alien to them.

But since you have landed on our webpage, we would like to tell you more about us and that is not the case with us. TC productions is a name of quality, respect and brand. A production company that has been offering its services for nearly a decade and the only thing they are capable of is making your events last a lifetime. A lot of good things has been said about us and we really appreciate it , It keeps us motivated.

Our professionals are efficient and trained in their fields and know how to respect their clients and fulfill their requirements just the way they have asked them to. We don’t opt for a single strategy when covering your events, in fact we use diverse techniques and come out with an output that even we couldn’t have imagined before. We cover our events with the exact essence the hosts have tried endorsing and we never fail at it. Our portfolio speaks for itself and once you take a look at it, you will know the quality and standard we have promised you with. If  you want to know what our clients say about us you can visit all our pages and see the reviews.

We have a wide range of clientele and every client comes with a different requirement and a solid budget of their own. Since we use state of the art equipment and all the latest technology that the market has to offer while covering your events, we promise to provide you with pictures and videos that will make you smile every time you will lay your eyes on it.

Everything you need to know about us

Why choose us?

There could be many reasons why you guys shouldn’t choose us but there is one big reason why you choose us, YOUR SATISFACTION. Our entire team is devoted to work for you and we make sure that our clients are never left disappointed. We try our level best to give you with the best results and we have never failed at it. However, there are a few other reasons to why you should choose us,

  • Our quality is optimum

We never compromise on the quality and standard of our work and you will see that once you have tried us for your events.

  • Customer service is what we are known for

We have a number of clients and you can see their testimonials to know that our customer service is the best in town.

  • We understand your requirements

Unlike many other photographers out there, we understand your requirements and don’t do stuff the way we want to but do it the way you have asked for.

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