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How to choose the best wedding videographer for your wedding day.

The best wedding videographer should be on top of your to-do list when planning a wedding, Yes we get it, There are a lot of elements to consider, bills to pay, with that said, Everyone who is married will testify that the wedding memories are very special and they need to be treated that way.

Now that you know that memories must be captured and preserved in a special way. It is very important that you select wedding vendors who will respect your day and have a greater understanding of how serious getting married means to you and your family. We have put together excellent tips to help you choose the best wedding videographer.

Below are the steps you need not miss when choosing the best wedding videographer.

  1. Watch lots of wedding videos.

It’s common knowledge that you can not book all the best wedding videographers you come across. You will finally need to choose one after going through dozens of wedding videos. Some videos you will like and some you won’t. When you are watching videos have a goal and know what you are looking for.

After watching videos online, you have different ideas on how you want your day to be captured.  This step is very important because you will want to see videos that you like, and when you are booking your videographer you know why you booked them.

  1. Visualize how you want your video and write down notes.

We all know that getting the best wedding videographer might be difficult because most of the wedding videographers are good at what they do, but the big question here is what do you want your video to be like.

Do you want your video to be sweet, modern, and short? Do you want it to be dark, with a party mood? Or do you want it to be bright, calm, and soothing?  The best wedding videographer should be able to set the mood, the tone, and the atmosphere of anyone watching the video.

  3. Ask what they usually focus on.

Always remember that the videos you watch online don’t always fully reflect a full picture of what the wedding videographer usually focuses on. The online videos are made for marketing purposes so it is important that you ask this question to avoid disappointment.

Don’t just assume that they will read your mind and also don’t assume that they will cover all the important details. Wedding videographers have different preferences, make sure they understand what you want before committing. Sometimes the videos of you getting ready might not be important to you but the wedding videographer knows how important this part is.

If you don’t know have a conversation and get some knowledge. The big problem with most couples is that they believe that the wedding starts at the ceremony and ends at the reception. That kind of ideology is not true.

The wedding starts on the day of your wedding before you even shower, your wedding day will have started. Ask your videographer what they cover and why they choose to focus on those areas. The only way you will have the most beautiful wedding video is through communication.

   4. Ask about the length of the videos.

This question might sound like a no-brainer but as we spoke about preferences above. The younger generation these days don’t have time to watch long videos, maybe that’s you. Talk to your wedding videographer about the length of the video. On the other hand, if you want to see everything that went down on your wedding day, emphasize this point with your chosen professional videographer.

    5. Read reviews

Many wedding videographers will have comments, likes, and reviews on google maps, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Vimeo whatever the platform is.  The fact is that previous clients share their feelings about certain wedding videographers, both good and bad.

Although we live in a world where people find it hard to give compliments they are quick to judge. Just because the videographer you have come across has a few bad reviews doesn’t mean that they do bad. It might be the fact that the client was either too demanding or they didn’t know what they want, so when you are going through the reviews don’t dwell on the good, bad, and the ugly.

If you like the videographer, do further research and see if the results come out differently. With all that said, never compromise your happiness, because your wedding day will come and go and all you have is your wedding memories. So, it is imperative that the personality, the character of your videographer will not spoil the wedding mood.

   6. Read the terms and conditions, and the privacy policy.

We all know that reading is a big problem for people but reading the terms and conditions on your wedding videographer’s website or the contract if they have sent you a copy will go a long way. Most clients don’t want their videos published online which we feel like it’s a no brainer.

As much as you have your privacy rules but don’t be tough on your wedding videographer. Imagine that now you are watching another couple’s wedding videos so that you can make your selection.

Remember that this is the only way the wedding videographer can market himself and if you don’t want your video to be published online the secret is that you will be discouraging. Though you might disagree with is don’t be that bride who rewrites the videographer’s contract, you will thank us later.

Below is a list of the things you shouldn’t do if you want to get the best wedding videographer.

  1. Don’t put money first.

We all love money but if you want your wedding memories to go further, put money issues aside!

We mentioned above that some things are more important than others, although everyone will have their own ideas on what’s important and what’s not. At Wedding vendor, we know and understand the importance of a wedding videographer’s job.

Cheap wedding videographers are not always the best, in some cases, we might be wrong but try to pay a little extra more than your wedding budget for a videographer you will see the difference. Trust us on this one we will never lead you astray.

Everything else might be important but wedding videography and wedding photography should be on top of your list and you must try to make an effort and not go by the price but by quality. You don’t want to regret it for years to come because you chose to save money.

The best advice is if you cannot get a top wedding videographer or top wedding photographer, or if you are not willing to spend a little extra you will rather not hire a videographer and photographer at all.

   2. Worry about the technical side.

This means that you don’t need to know what happens before or after the wedding, Leave the professionals to guide you, they know what they are doing. All you need to know is:

  • If you like their work?
  • If you trust that they will undoubtedly do a great job.
  • How reliable are they?
  • Have you discussed what you expect from them?

   3. Self-managing.

If you have done enough research, trust your wedding videographer, photographer, wedding planner, etc. You need to have faith and trust that they will do a good job. So, don’t try to self-manage on your wedding day,

If you choose to do it might turn out to be disastrous because you will be getting on the way of their performance. Besides, if you give them a chance to do their jobs with less interaction and destruction you will enjoy your day. And your wedding video will be the most beautiful.

   4. Worry about where your wedding is taking place.

Don’t stress about finding the best wedding videographer in your area. This rule goes to all the service providers, don’t get worked up about the fact that since you have a destination wedding in KwaZulu Natal, or where ever.

Wedding service providers travel across the country. For example, if you are having two weddings, the first day in Gauteng and the second day in Limpopo. This shouldn’t be much trouble for you. Wedding videographers and all other wedding service providers travel all the time and they love traveling.

All you need to worry about is that they are safe when they finally arrive at your destination. The reality is that they might have been in your area or wedding venue a couple of times, so that is their life.


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